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Krypton Browser

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Krypton defines a new baseline for online privacy. Its ad-free, fast, beautiful, and perfect for secure everyday browsing. Krypton takes a cautious approach to how cookies, history, and other identifying information is stored, and for how long.- Control your privacy: Only saves cookies for websites youve favorited. You determine if you want to save your browser history and for how long. And you choose your default search engine: popular and robust, or more privacy-focused? Its up to you.- Adblock: Doesn’t display or download advertisements.- Fast: Blocks unnecessary network requests... like those ads youd rather not see.- All the features you love, in your control: You choose whether or not to save your history and favorites, include autocomplete results, and more.- Beautifully simple: Built with love and careful design. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered.- Open source: We’ve open sourced our core library so everyone can critique and build on our work.
Krypton is a private, secure browser for everyday use. If youre interested in even more security and Tor integration, try out the sister app, Krypton Anonymous.
*Krypton is beta software! We fully expect that there are improvements to be made, and will be continually improving the app experience, especially with your help.